Little's Health and Fitness is dedicated and passionately driven to making Ashe County the Healthiest County in NC!

Silver Sneakers

w/Andrea & Kyoko

  (Mon.@ 9:00am)

  (Wed. & Fri. @ 10:30am)

This class is Not just for Seniors! You will not be left behind here!  Our instructor's are so wonderful, fun and energetic! It will tone your muscles, get you up and moving and work on strengthening your everyday movements! It's a great group of people that we all love here and would love to add to it!



    (Tues. @ 5:30pm)

    (Thurs. @ 5:30pm)

Need to feel the burn?

Had a hard day at work?

Take advantage of Jennifer's class and you'll feel like you have your own personal Trainer for an hour!  You won't be sorry and what better way to relieve stress after a long day!  You will burn off what you have eaten for the day and go home relaxed and ready to get a good nights sleep!


w/Cameron     (Mon, Wed, & Fri. @ 12noon)

This Class is NO Old Skool Step aerobics!!  Cameron will make your body start jumping right off the bat with his awesome music combinations!  You will burn a ton of calories and tone your body while jamming out!  This class is a work at your own pace/rate so anyone can jump right in at any time!


w/Jennifer        (Tues. @  6:30pm)

    (Thurs. @  6:30pm)

Love to dance to some great music? ZUMBA is the class for you!  Burning calories has never been so fun! Not only is the music "Off the Chain", but the moves are so fun and easy to learn, you feel a little sad when it's over.  You won't want to miss it!


Turbo Kick!

w/Andrea (Tues @ 12noon)

This is a High Intensity Interval Training class and oh so fun! Sure, it’s kickboxing, but it’s so much more! You’ll kick, punch and groove your way to a brand new body in this action-packed, super fun, super safe and effective cardiovascular workout!