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Paul Hoover

Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Cert.# 361951
CPR/AED Certified #653998

I have been active in fitness centers all over the Southern and Eastern United States.  I have helped others in addition to maintaining my own fitness program.  I have been a performing gymnast in competitions as well as entertaining audiences in shows.  After four years in gymnastics, started weight training.  In the past few years, I have added fitness machines which I find give a greater dimension to fitness training.

Being a senior myself, I am interesting in maintaining a healthy atmosphere and helping other seniors do the same, however I feel I have a good rapport with all age groups!

Please contact me @ 336-620-2447 or email me  First Session is Free!

Andrea P. Cook - Fitness for Every Life!

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • Specializing in Functional Training - Bodyweight, suspension, balance, cross body coordination (proprioceptive training)                                    
  • Specialist in Exercise Therapy - ISSA Certification #329650                                    
  • Certified TurboKick Instructor                                    
  • Certified BOSU Balance Trainer                                     
  • Authorized Healthways SilverSneakers Classic &                                    
  • Cardio Fit Instructor                                    
  • American Heart Association CPR certification                                    
  • Nutrition Counseling Available

A fitness enthusiast for over 30 years, I began my passion for weight training by working with a Southern States NPC (National Physique Committee) finalist, Philip Haughton-James, while living in Florida. The principles have stayed with    me and were the inspiration to become a personal trainer.                                      
I use a variety of training modalities; functional, resistance as well as cardio and endurance, because I feel a balanced program is a successful program.                                    
Current clients are of all ages and their fitness levels range from beginner to world class athlete.     
Consultations are always free, so contact me at the email or numbers below.  Together we can reach your fitness goals. Let this year be your best year!       

(H) 336-877-5285                                    
(C) 336-977-2644

Bruce M. Pahl - True Strength™

Health, Fitness & Self-Defense Coach

  • Certified Health & Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer, AFPA
  • Certified Functional Trainer in Battle Ropes, Clubbells, Sandbags & Strength Bands

True health is an inside job and it’s an attitude of our mind & spirit.  When we adopt the right attitude or thinking we can quickly achieve & receive the results, health, & vitality that we all deserve & desire!
Bruce has a passion for fitness, martial arts, nutrition, natural bodybuilding, biblical principles & to help & teach others to achieve their goals & be successful. He started weight training and natural bodybuilding at the age of 15. Bruce is the co-owner of Immortal Martial Arts & online retailers of fitness & martial arts gear. 

  • Inducted into the Action Martial Arts hall of fame for teaching excellence
  • Founder & head instructor of Delaware Combat University
  • Third Degree Black Belt & Full Instructor Certification
  • Nutrition consultant & manager at Vitamin Health Centers
  • Manager & Fitness Trainer at Gold’s Gym & Health Unlimited in Delaware
  • Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate
  • U.S. Army - Expert Field Medic Badge & EMT Certification

Please call or text at 302-287-8143 (cell)
336-982-9123 (home office)


Scott Ballard

Gym Time With Scott
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

From playing sports all through school, to competing in a Spartan Race at age 51 in the top 20% of finishers, I have always thought of myself as an athlete. That mindset has driven me to seek out a healthy lifestyle and continue a strength training regimen of some form or fashion all of those years in between.

The gym is one of my favorite places to be, not only because my body thrives on the training and conditioning, but because the gym is filled with so many friends and so much mutual support. I am very happy to extend my participation in the gym to include Personal Training. After having completed the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certification program, and receiving professional training, I have a greater respect for and know the importance and impact of the trainer-client relationship. I call my program the Great 8, and it is tailored to fit the abilities, skill levels and goals of each individual client. My favorite quote is my goal and motto for Personal Training: “Add more life to your years!” 

Please contact me at 336-620-2650 or email